How to Use


Make sure the “on/off” button is pushed in and leave the Agra Stone Solar Candle in the sunshine..

*Please allow one full 12hour charge before regular use.

The light turns on automatically when the "on/off" button on top is pressed in.  The lamp will come “on” in the dark and go “off” when the ambient light becomes brighter. 

* Note: solar candle does not turn on in the light.

Place Agra Stone Solar candle in a dark place. The light turns on in the dark automatically.



Push“on/off” button in, then charge battery by placing Agra Stone Solar Candle in the sunlight. Make sure the sun is hitting the solar panel. .

The solar candle receives a bigger charge on sunny days and will remain illuminated longer than on cloudy days. In the cloudy day, it will work less hours, in the sunny day, it will work longer hours.

The solar powered battery should last more than one year. When it wears out, you can purchase a replacement top (solar panel, battery, and bulb) at Or you can change the battery manually*. Also, if you like, remove the top plastic part and use the stone part as a candleholder! 

*To change battery manually: take out the top plastic part, flip the part over, and find the 4 screws at the corners. Loosen the screws, open the plastic part, and you will find the battery. Replace old battery with new rechargeable AA battery.