It does't work!!

Please check if the top button is pressed in.

The lamp will come "on" only in the dark place. Please make ambient darker, or cover the top solar panel part with thicker material.


What is your shipping policy?


We ship bia US postal service or UPS. You can choose either when you check out.


We ship bia US postal service. Please contact us through contact page, if you like other shipping methods.


What is your returning policy?

You can find returning form in the package. Please fill the form, and mail to AUTARKLIVING within 3 weeks from your purchase. 


How long solar battery last?

This solar battery is 500 times cycle, One day is one cycle, It will last more than one year. You can change the battery manually.  ( Take out the top plastic part, flip the part over, and find the 4 screws at the corners. Loosen the screws, open the plastic part, and you will find the battery. Replace old battery with new rechargeable AA battery. )


How do I order wholesale?

Please contact by e-mail : sales@autarkliving.com, or through contact page in this web-site.


Any other questions?

Please contact by e-mail : sales@autarkliving.com