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Agra Stone Solar Candle

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Agra Stone

The Agra stone solar candle is hand carved by craftsmen in the town of Taj Mahal in India. Natural Agra stone makes heart warming soft shadows. It lights up automatically in the dark, and charges in the sun light.




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Solar Battery

The solar powered battery should last more than one year. When it wears out, you can purchase a replacement top (solar panel, battery, and bulb) at Or you can change the battery manually. Also, if you like, remove the top plastic part and use the stone part as a candleholder! 

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12 hours working in full charge 

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The light of healing.

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Agra Stone Solar Candle is

“cordless“ you can carry and place anywhere !

“safe” with children and baby. No worry of catching fire!

“economical” using one small candle every evening cost around $50~200 per year. With AUTARKLIVING “Agra Stone Solar Candle”  you could save all that money!


Size : 3.5” X 3.5” X 4.75”
Color : #black, #gray, #natural
(natural color may vary depending on original color of stones.)

Water resistant

Working hours in full charge: 12 hours

Solar panel 2V80MA

Battery : 1.2V/800MA

LED Light : 0.06w/ 100000 hours

Assembled in USA 

stone part made in India, solar panel / circuit made in China

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How to make solar candle from regular copy paper.

AUTARKLIVING Solar lamp series is a collaboration of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship, hand made by artisans with care and love for each piece.


AUTARKLIVING is committed to developing self-sufficient products, including solar powered products, which encourage traditional communities to sustain themselves by their own crafts.